Guidelines for Blogging:

  1. Write one post per period (four total posts; one each for the Restoration, Romantic, Victorian, and Modernist periods).
  2. A typical blog post should be between 500-1000 words.
  3. Make sure your post has a title and at least two tags.
  4. Be sure to engage directly with at least one of the texts from the period, and be sure to include quotations.
  5. The purpose of the blog is to share ideas, so be sure to comment on your classmates’ blog posts (comment on at least two posts per period).

Blog posts should engage deeply with the materials, make connections across disciplines and time, be thoughtfully crafted, and, most importantly, be interesting. Bring your discussion beyond what we talk about in class.

What’s something you find interesting, perplexing, important to know about one of these pieces? You can do a close reading of a few lines, or think about a particular theme that you want to explore, or make a connection between what you read and something (anything!) else, such as something you’ve discussed in another class, another piece of writing by a different author from the past or present, or even a connection to a film, song, painting, or other bit of media. It’s very wide open (which I know can be daunting), but you really can’t fail if you just write something somewhat interesting about one of the things we’ve read so far.