Confessions of a Romanticized Addiction

The Romantic Period saw the rise of poetry inspired by “the familiar” and centered on reviving the wonder of it. It was categorized by poems like Percy Shelley’s “Mont Blanc” or William Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abby” that described nature in a new light. One text, however, that stands out against these poems, is Thomas De Quincey’s … Continue reading Confessions of a Romanticized Addiction

Barbauld, “The Rights of Woman” Response/Analysis

Initially, I thought this poem was a powerful message to women who felt discouraged by their lack of rights during this time period. It makes sense that a female author would romanticize the idea of women coming together to defeat a common enemy, the man. While the first six stanzas support this reading, the content … Continue reading Barbauld, “The Rights of Woman” Response/Analysis

Blake Archive

Be sure to check out the William Blake Archive to get a broader sense of Blake's work and vision. "Europe a Prophecy" Copy K (1821) - The William Blake Archive And here's a link to a video by the British Library about Blake's printing process: William Blake's Printing Process