The Writing of the Work

The one thing that I am impressed with the most is how everything is written.  The poem by Alexander Pope is good, the references to being ready for battle to talking about getting married got me for a bit.  The reading of everything that we were assigned to read for homework was interesting for me.  The cantos of the poem Pope wrote had literally well over one hundred lines and I was very impressed by that.  I did not think anyone could write a poem with over a hundred lines until I read it for homework.  The way the dialogue was written in other sections of the reading were written as if they were written in the “old days” I like to as the 15th century.  I don’t think I write dialogue like that yet, but with practice and more reading, I might be able to do it.  The dialogue in the reading assignments are like that because that’s how people used to talk back then and it’s very different from the way we talk today in the present.  When I was going through the reading in the book, there were some things that interested me and caught my eye. 

Some of the things that caught my eye and interested me are the short poem, “Epigram on Milton,” some of the stuff in “Rape of the Lock,” and what was going on in “The Royal Slave.”  I like how the stanzas of the poems are written.  They are overall perfect, they make the audience to want to keep reading and going on, and they are very-well written.  I believe the writers did a good job with their work.  When I saw the title of a story for homework, “The Royal Salve,” I thought in my head, how can a slave be royal?  I then got how a slave could be royal as I read further into the story.  The stuff that was going on in the story was interesting and some things that were going on between the prince and some other characters.  Since it takes time for me to annotate stuff that I find interesting in the reading while reading the poems and stories, it took me longer than usual to get through everything.  I like how everything is written, the conflicts that goes on in the reading, and overall, the different events that happen as they go on. 

I honestly don’t know what else I can say about the writing of the poems and stories that we had to read for homework.  I pretty much covered everything that I wanted to say in the first two paragraphs.  I can’t wait to see everybody else’s opinions about the different topics we went over in class or what you thought about the writing of the poems and stories.  Let me know what you guys think everything I had to say about the topic I chose.  When I get the chance, I’ll see for myself what you guys thought.  Again, sorry that mine seems short.  I didn’t know what else to say of the writing. 

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