The Heart of Darkness #Enjoyableread

The Hear of Darkness is a narrative written by Joseph Conrad, who was a Polish-British writer who is regarded by many to be the greatest novelist that had written in the English language. Showing how many of our writings could be influenced by the British, and how much an impact literature can have.

Anyways, the main narrative of this “Heart of Darkness” discusses the voyage of a Marlow. Marlow had went on a long voyage as a young man up the Congo River. Although I had found myself confused at first, but then I realized that Marlow’s narrative of his voyage is being discussed by another narrative, a man who had learned about Marlow’s voyage through Marlow discussing it. I hope I understood that correctly, if can someone correct me? Please? Continuing on, the narrator is never named and the other men aren’t named, but they are labeled by their professional occupations. The narrator of this story constantly speaks in first-person plural point of view, in which I find very interesting. I also find it quite interesting that Marlow’s listeners are unanimous, they are referred to as their occupations showing the different point of views within the British establishments.

Continuing, I also really enjoy how those that voyage successfully are praised and that they are believed to serve a higher purpose. Which I actually believe in too, many of the discoveries of new land would not have happened with out those who had adventured and voyaged to new lands.  Showing how the British truly had one of the biggest positive impacts on our planet EVER.

Overall, part 1 and part 2 of “Heart of Darkness” have been really enjoyable for me. I didn’t find myself confused at all, well actually, I was confused at first about the narrative of this story but as I continued to read I had gained an understanding. “Heart of Darkness” I believe is a very important piece of literature, and it discusses the discovery of new land from the help of British voyagers. I am excited to continuing reading more!

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