1st Blog Post: Many Days Late and Many Dollars Short

I am fascinated with the subject of slavery, the story that is told, the language that is used and the perspective that their stories provide. To look further back in time and take a deeper dive into the subject to follow the European timeline was fascinating. The language that was used was quite different from American Literature. The format was quite striking as well. Laying out the themes blatantly unlike classic American Literature. I am not a huge fan of this type of storytelling, but what does interest me is the subject matter.

“And he promised him on his word and honor, he would find the means to reconduct him to his own country again…” (163). This is just a taste of the subject matter that is thrown in your face in the story. Themes of Pride and Honor are unusual for stories of slavery. Usually, slavery is bleak, there are themes of redemption, bleaker times plauged the American literature that we see often. In this case we are reminded of a John Wayne type of story. A strange fantasy land of elegance and glory. This story really caught my attention and I am excited for more to come.

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